Award Winning Artist


BirdBlue Heron Painted on watercolor paper.
Watercolor 20 x 16 Matted

Blue Heron and Baby
Watercolor 16X20 Matted

birdDowitchers   Birds at the waters edge.
Watercolor 20 x 16 Matted

birdSandwich Tern  Shore birds gather at the edge of the Gulf
Watercolor 20 x 16 Matted

birdThree Woodstocks   Florida's only stock.
Watercolor 20 x 16 Matted

Heron in the Grass
Watercolor 16 x 20

Great white heronGreat White Heron Painted on watercolor paper that had been glued to a board with watercolor paint. Then it was finished with acrylic gel so it did not need glass.
Watercolor 30X38

Painting of blue heronBlue Heron with Lilies Batik painting. Painted with watercolor and wax on masa paper.
Batik Framed 16X20


The magic of watercolor can be see with this painting. At the top the paint just formed those blossoms by themselves.